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"Wow! The voice matches my character perfectly and the emotion needed was exactly on target. Very professional and fast. Would highly recommend!"

Nic Gregory / Producer / Monkey and Gorilla

Working with Simon was a dream. He is very friendly. He listens and does exactly what you ask for. He has excellent input and is capable of delivering exactly what you want. In fact, my perfect voice over came when I took all restrictions off him and just said "do it your way" and he did and it was perfect. You can trust him to get the job done. High quality. High energy. Overall high performance. Thank you. I will be back in the future and will recommend you to everyone :-)

Sofy Emerson / Director / Tuition Games

It was great working with Simon. With such a broad range of voice samples and top-notch talent, getting the perfect voice for my cartoon character was a snap. I highly recommend Simon's work.

John Mckeon / Writer & Director / Tornado Fortissimo: A Whirlwind of Adventure

Great voice and good acting chops. Excellent communication and quick turnaround.

Lowell Christens / Director / Utah Safe Haven

Really really really great voice-over! Even better than I predicted. Will strongly recommend to anybody.

Steve Uvas / Director / UMO Finance




Phone/Whatsapp I +1.604.364.3413


304 - 612 E 7th Avenue

Vancouver, BC


V5T 1P1


Built it myself.  And it sounds incredible.

Sennheiser MKH416

Apollo Twin Duo



5x7 Vocal Booth

Phone Patch

All file types I Default 48kHz .WAV


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