Happy clients of Simon Hill Voice Over!

Voice Talent Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a professional experienced voice talent since 2005. With such voices as Prince Fergis in Barbie: Pearl of the Sea, Poochi in the Powerpuff Girls Z and Kira Yamato in Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2 for the Playstation, it's no wonder he's in demand. He has also worked with brands such as Toyota, Ikea, Build a Bear and many more. Yes, he is a professional, he wears only a hard hat with the lights off. Simon can be heard in commercials in a huge mix of styles: Energetic, stream of consciousness, guy next door, wry wit, relaxed, confidant, charming, fun, friendly, cool, humorous, and conversational. Simon's voice is suitable for anything targeted towards teens, young adults and families. If you're in a jam and looking for something specific, take a listen to his current demos available. Did you find a style, tone or direction that you could hear in your project?  Let him know.  And if you have any questions or concerns, he would be happy to address them... If you throw in a few compliments of course. And if you were wondering, Simon loves to Surf, Skateboard, Snowboard and basically be a chill dude in his spare time. Thanks for stopping by!